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Ojos De Dios Sudden Flowering
Ojos De Dios Sudden Flowering

Ojos De Dios Sudden Flowering

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  • 22 inch, 12 sided
  • Handmade Item
  • Materials: wood dowels, wool yarn, acrylic yarns
  • Made to Order

Sudden Flowering

The magic of Springtime, when every new day suddenly another wildflower or flowering tree brings us joy with its colors and beauty. Also, a hope that in our lives we too can suddenly flower into a whole new and colorful phase of life.

This ojo uses the technique of tassels that spring straight from the edge of the ojo, without showing any wrappings holding the tassel in place, because it is the final wraps of the border that hold the tassels. Jay saw this technique in both 1960's Huichol Ojos de Dios, and in mandala weavings from Tibet, but it is little used today except by him and us, to whom he taught the technique. We love the way it maintains a sort of mystery as to how the whole mandala is held together, as there is nowhere on the mandala that shows the shape of the dowel rods that are the mandalas framework. Also, the tassels bursting straight from the mandala border fits perfectly with the theme of this ojo, "Sudden Flowering."

The original mandala (pictured) was woven on a framework of 18 inch ojos, but including the tassels was about 22 inches across.

This mandala can be re-created to your specifications as a custom order.