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Ojos De Dios  De Dios Catcher of Dreams. 18 inch
Ojos De Dios  De Dios Catcher of Dreams. 18 inch
Ojos De Dios  De Dios Catcher of Dreams. 18 inch
Ojos De Dios  De Dios Catcher of Dreams. 18 inch

Ojos De Dios De Dios Catcher of Dreams. 18 inch

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Title: Catcher of Dreams

Inspiration/Details: The design of this mandala was inspired by the First Nations in this country. We have taken symbolic and artistic elements from a number of tribes to pay homage to and celebrate their heritage. At the root of Native American life is a deep respect for and communion with nature, which is our most dominant inspiration when weaving these mandalas.
Original design created by: Elizabeth Tingley

Size: 18'' x 18'' wall hanging

About Custom Orders: If your order is a custom order based on a previous design please note that exact colors or scale can’t always be replicated. We pride ourselves in making each piece unique. We promise to use our attention to detail and perfected craftsmanship to bring you the most beautiful piece for you. If you have suggestions about changes to or inspiration for a piece you would like (color, detail, etc.) please private message us along with your order. We will not begin creating your order until you have purchased the item. Please also note that the color reflected on the screen may not be the exact color as your monitor settings, lighting, etc. affect what you see. Custom Orders take 2-4 weeks to fulfill. Please private message us for an exact timeline based on our current workload.

Shipping: Within the United States we ship 2 day Priority from Asheville, North Carolina. Overseas shipment will take longer. Ojos de Dios created by Jay Mohler will ship directly from Oaxaca, Mexico and may experience additional delays.

Returns: we will accept the return of an order until 10 days after receipt of the order. After ten days, we can no longer accept a return.


History of Ojo de Dios: Ojo de Dios means “God’s eye” and is an ancient craft originating with the Huichol Indians of Central Mexico. The Huichol people, a name coined by the Spanish, refer to themselves as Virarica, which means “The Healing People”. We believe that our ojos de dios bring healing and focus to those that delight in them. We have expanded beyond the traditional four-sided ojo de dios, experimenting with different designs and complexity. Because of this, we often refer to our craft as mandalas instead of the traditional ojo de dios.

Each mandala is made with a foundation of dowelling (wooden or the like) and yarn and is often embellished with embroidery, beading, or other treasures that make each piece unique.


About the Makers: JaysMandalas is run by a group of creative women who apprenticed with master Ojo weaver, Jay Mohler. During Jay’s years in Asheville, North Carolina, he trained and perfected our weaving ability. As Jay has left his designs and craft in our hands, we now recreate his original designs and experiment with our own creativity in this craft.