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History of Weaving

What is a Mandala? That question I hear daily when I walk around with my sticks and a basket of wool. A Mandala is a symbol we often see. These symbols are well known in spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Tibetan, Celtic and Indian cultures. Commonly in weaving it is called Ojo de Dios, or the plural, Ojos de Dios ( the Spanish *j* is silent, or a light *h* sound, so roughly pronounced *oh-ho's-day-DEE-ohs*), which is Spanish for Eye of God, or Eyes of God were a popular folk art in the American Southwest during the 1970’s.

The the emergence of sacred Geometric shapes are becoming more prominently seen. We can now access these sacred symbols in coloring books, art and jewelry to name a few ways they come into our visual field.

I have been reflecting on its meaning for myself. How I create and weave this divinely inspired work of art. For us here in Asheville it is a focus. To focus on the wold of forms and dimension is to hold what is present in this moment and weave with love and intention that which we long to manifest into today.

My experience is that all of life is a Mandala. From the earth to the universe to the tiny cells in our body. They all radiate the beauty life has to hold. The depth and dimension of all that is God. The manifest and unmanifest. We work with the energy of our conscious and unconscious to create movement.

Often setting intention with those who order this art. We sit aiming to create art authentically expressing what comes from our heart to yours.

We start our creations in the center of our sticks. Connecting into our own center expressing with vulnerability and connecting to others humanity and vulnerability. As we connect into that law of brotherhood and our humanity we can learn to recognize that when we live out of the center point- even when we can not perceive it - and we long for it we are in union. From that place creation happens and the traditions of connecting happens. Sometimes we connect with others joy, sometimes sorrow. We look to connect with our customers in many ways. Through written conversations, phone calls, Skype, workshops all are welcome as we long to share the art with you. 

Each of these mandalas looks to create a bridge from our unconscious mind to the the realities of who we really are. Divine beings of LIght.  We hope and pray these mandalas bring light into your world as we create with you to for your intentions for your life.

Mandalas in many ways help us steady the circle around the invisible center. To set intentions into the patterns of our life and form new dances, rituals, and experiences by intention. We as a collective seeking to do just that. 

We desire to dance around the center.  To explore the art of just being the true nature of ourself. The nature of a mandala is to find our way like winding through a labyrinth.  The willingness to have the experience of being on the path to play the game, or finding our way. 

We use traditional tibetan techniques, celtic knot, and ancient southwest american folf art as well as designs from Huichole Indians from central mexico.  We use 12 and 8 sided designs and explore other art forms.